Saturday, December 01, 2007

Some Special Moments in 2006/2007

First record in Java (Photo courtesy of Iwan Londo)

There were at least 3 spectacular sightings in season 2006/2007 which is worth noting:

1) First ever record in Java, Indonesia - 1 November 2006
Photographed by Iwan Londo at Delta of Kulon Progo River, Jogyakarta (Central Java), Indonesia. This is the first confirmed record in Java.

First record in Java (Photo courtesy of Iwan Londo)

2) First ever photographic evidence in Australia continent - 2 Dec 2006
Sighted and photographed by Adrian Boyle and Tony Kirkby near Broome, Western Australia. This is the first photographic evidence of Nordmann's Greenshank in Australia.

Smaller Nordmann's Greenshank with two Common Greenshank. Note the color of the legs. (Photo courtesy of Adrian Bolye)

"Cutier" Nordmann's Greenshank infront of Little Curlew and Common Greenshank. The difference between NG and Common Greenshank can be very obvious when standing side by side.(Photo courtesy of Adrian Bolye)

3) Sighting of at least 70 Nordmann's Greenshanks in west coast of Peninsular Malaysia - 3 Feb 2007.
Recorded by David Li of Wetlands International near Sekinchan town, Selangor State, Malaysia. This is the largest number recorded in Malaysia, or probably anywhere in its wintering site.

Unprecedented large flock of Nordmann's Greenshanks in Malaysia. (Photo courtesy of David Li)


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