Monday, November 12, 2007

New wintering site discovered in Malaysia

A contact from Malaysia, Mr TH Ang, had sighted 3 Nordmann's Greenshanks near Muar in November 2007. This is a migratory bird roosting site not previously surveyed by birdwatchers. (Muar is a coastal town in Peninsular Malaysia situated between Kuala Lumpur and Singapore.)

A first winter young adult Nordmann's Greenshank surrounded by many Common Redshanks. (Copyright TH Ang)

A Portrait pose of a non-breeding adult. (Copyright TH Ang)

Thanks to the extensive coverage of local birdwatchers, this elusive wader is gradually unfolded in Malaysia.


SPIMMY said...
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Jim Martin said...

Hi there,

We would like to use one or two photos from this blog in a forthcoming book I am currently working on (especially after young and juvenile birds), but I am unable to find your email address here, or any other way of contacting you. Could you drop me a line on jmartin AT to discuss?

Many thanks